Errors in Error Messages!

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Why redesign?

  • Lack of User Research
  • Complicated & confusing UX Writing
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Starting afresh

initial research outcomes

What were the UX Writing problems?

  • The errors mentioned were too blunt & direct. Right in the user’s face.
  • The solution to the error was not clear.
  • The sentences were problem oriented and not solution oriented.
  • The users were blamed quite a lot.
  • The tone of the messages was non-conversational.
  • The messages were not meaningful and lacked context.
  • Technical terms being used.
  • Ambiguous formation of the sentences.
  • Use of negative words in the sentences.
Problem screens 1
Problem screens 2


  • What (What is the problem)
  • Why (Why did it occur)
  • How (How to solve it)

Approaching the solution

Server Issue
Unsupported file format
Unserviceable location
Action not allowed
File not found
Incorrect input

User testing





UX Writer | Researcher | Psychologist

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Pujashree Nayak

Pujashree Nayak

UX Writer | Researcher | Psychologist

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